Kathryn Burton-Gray,
President, Seniors Capital LLC

Lisalynne is a game changer!

She not only created a brand for our business at RED, she also created a brand for me personally, elevating me  in terms of honors and recognition bestowed on me in the entire Healthcare and Seniors industry.

Lisalynne's efforts have returned measurable profitability at sustainable levels never achieved before in the company. 


Karen Collom

Owner, Karen Collom CPA

Lisalynne and PaceSetter Marketing have revolutionized the way we communicate with our clients.   No one was prepared for the sudden changes 2020 required of ALL small businesses.  Lisalynne and her team created custom communications that kept our clients informed and more importantly provided a sense of security to our clients that we were looking out for them during the pandemic.


Our firm transitioned to the cloud a number of years back.  I never thought I needed a website to compliment that change.  Lisalynne suggested a small, elegant presence on the web for referral and marketing purposes. 


The website Pacesetter Marketing created and the traffic that her targeted communications have driven to the site have not only increased our revenue line but has caught the attention of other like minded CPAs who are tired of the cookie-cutter options so often seen on CPA firm websites.


Scott Greenlee

President, Greenlee Consulting

Lisalynne and PaceSetter Marketing has done an excellent job assisting with all of my firm’s communication needs, as well as proactively coming up with ways to increase efficiency and get our client’s messages out more effectively.

Their CEO, Lisalynne Quinn, is creative, hard working, and always on the edge of new methods and technology.


I highly recommend any company - other than my competitors - meet with PaceSetter and find out what ideas they have for you and your clients.

What People Say ...
billy2 cropped.jpg

Billy Fritz
Tile Concepts Inc.

I highly recommend Lisalynne Quinn  and Pacesetter Marketing. Lisalynne used her years of experience in branding and digital marketing for major corporations to bring life to my company website and sales materials.


For so long, I had been looking for a marketing expert who would sit down with me and really take the time to understand my business, and industry as a whole, to come up with a systematic plan. I wanted someone who I could feel comfortable with tossing around ideas and who understood the importance of allowing the client to change their mind about an idea - several times. It is rare to find someone that takes the time to make sure that small and medium-sized businesses feel good about their marketing decisions and understand how the decisions can positively impact their business. 

 Lisalynne is one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with on advertising and marketing. Her in-depth background with producing small or large scale advertising pieces and coming up with an overall strategic marketing plan was so helpful. 


The number of website leads I have gotten since the website was completely redone by Pacesetter - is at least 10x the previous number of leads. 


I can’t say enough about Lisalynne's ability to “make it happen” I’m extremely pleased that I decided to go to the top and hire the best.


Jon Buschman

Offering Management, IBM 

With little budget, Lisalynne developed and managed a client-centric thought leadership program for Thomson Reuters Onesource that increased web traffic 40%, by introducing a regulatory training webinar series.


The program played a key role in converting 1099 software clients to software & services, increasing the services platform by over 25% the first year.  

It also created a new revenue stream for the corporate 1099 tax segment.  


Laura Schmidt,
Owner, Laura Schmidt Photography

Lisalynne is the type of marketing director you really want to work with.  


It is refreshing to be able to collaborate with a marketing executive who has a clear vision and how to achieve it. I have been working closely with Lisalynne for 4 years and she has continuously impressed me with her strategic mindset to produce well thought out campaigns and strategies,.


What has impressed me most is her passion for her work and her desire to make a real difference for her clients.  Authentic and upbeat, Lisalynne understands the importance of a consistent branding story, and more importantly how to produce it.  I’m a fan!

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